Steward Has a Question

«Steward Has a Question» is a friendly contest organized by the Steward Team of International Bromont, under supervision of Susan Adey and Patricia Chalmers.


On each competition day, question will be asked to amateur riders, who will cumulated points over two weels for each good answer. Rider with the most point will receive a special grand prix.

Thank you to Greenhawk!

July 22, 2016 Question
Part A : How many horses an amateur can ride in Adult Hunter?
Answer : 3
Part B : If a rider is entering Adult Hunter, what is the maximum height he/she can jump in jumper ring?
Answer : 1.0m

Winner : Josiane Tremblay

July 23, 2016 Question
Question 1 : Can an amateur rider a pony in any amateur division?
Answer: No

Winner : Gillian Vansnick Daniels

Question 2 : How many Amateur Hunter Divisions are there?
Answer: 2

Winner : Sylvie Bourque

July 27, 2016 Question
Question 1 : Can you carry a whip in hunter under saddle?
Answer : Yes

Winner : Aylen Ferguson

Question 2 : Can an adult a large pony in miscellaneous non-point classes?
Answer : Yes

Winner : Aylen Ferguson

Question 3 : Can you use a canter placement pole at an oxer?
Answer : No

Winner : Elliott Dumaine